The misty, hazy surface and smooth touch have given it this name.

The cross-section of each filament forming the yarn is divided into five sections, one nylon and four polyester, as shown here.
The yarn has a peachy brushed touch, but the surface is not brushed due to the texture of the yarn itself.

Fabrics using split fibre yarns are considered to have many disadvantages, such as wrinkling and deterioration when worn.
We have completed this texture after many processing tests, focusing on the finishing process to ensure that the fabric is not only comfortable to wear, but can also be worn functionally for a long time.

The smooth texture is, of course, a special feature, but it should be noted that the fabric is water-repellent.
It is also ideal for outerwear to protect against rain, and is characterised by its very light weight and extremely low steaminess.

It is also available in a wide range of colours.