Many people tend to avoid from linen because they are worried about wrinkles.
I myself, who planned this fabric, had such feelings.
How can we retain the natural surface feel that only linen can offer, while ensuring that the wearer can spend all day in comfort in a variety of occasions without worrying about wrinkles when worn?

It was this warp wool that we found when we had just started producing washable suit fabrics.
This yarn, commonly known as summer wool, is very light and resilient.
The normal design arrangement would have increased the mass of the warp threads, but in this fabric we increased the weft linen and adjusted the balance to 50% linen and 50% wool.

The use of combed wool in the warp gives it a good drape and reduces the stiff texture of linen.
It also reduces wrinkling behind the knees of bottoms and other parts of the body, so they can be worn all day without stress.
Also, when travelling or on business trips, just hanging them on hangers overnight allows the wool to absorb the moisture in the air and the wrinkles are gone.

It has been five years since we started stocking this fabric, and we have expanded our colour stock to 16 colours.

It also has a stable shrinkage rate for washing in water, so it can be worn in midsummer and washed without worrying about sweating.

From casual to dress, wear it and experience the comfort of this material.