This material, named MAT SHELL, is made of the 100% nylon yarns are treated with a taslan process.
The fabric is made with a cotton-like touch and surface.

The prototype was started in 2014 with the theme of a natural and functional material.

It looks like a natural fibre, however breathable, water-repellent and lighter than cotton.
The fabrics are not too clean looking with normal processing, so they are treated with a special process after the dyeing process.
This has succeeded to have airy crinkle in the interwoven spaces between the yarns.

And above all, it is finished without compromising the water repellency, which was a function we did not want to lose.
If puckering is generated by thick stitching, a hybrid garment is sure to be created that goes well with the work taste.

The material is very lightweight, making it ideal for quilting or padded items as well as single pieces.

In addition to a wide range of colours, PFD is also available.
Garment dyeing and printing requirements can also be covered.

Try it in cases where you want natural taste but need functionality.