When planning clothes, have you ever wanted to create a vintage look with high-tech materials?
It is an undoubted reality that the proportion of synthetic fibres used in the clothes we wear has increased dramatically over the last few years.
There is no doubt that it is an excellent material - functional and comfortable, as well as easy to wash and colourfast.
However, one of its weaknesses may be that it is difficult to personalise until you touch it.
Also, when you wear it, you can't experience the "feeling of growing up" like you can with denim. I think it lacks the romance of a clothes lover.

This process, named WEATHERING DYE, creates a faded look as if the colour has faded.
The colour has not been washed off, but garment dyeing has been applied to give The colour has a faded look.
Our hit products. To dye the split fibre yarns of KGM1200 and KGM1201 Komatsu Matere developed a special recipe for us.

Image left: KGM1200 (Nebel taffeta)
Image right: KGM1201 (Fogrip)
(For detailed fabric information, please refer to the Fabric page)

This is a garment dyeing process after sewing.
It is also possible to apply a water repellent finish after the dyeing process.

Data on fastness to dry rubbing and wet rubbing of about grade 3 have been obtained.

The deep presence of the fabric is different from that of ordinary synthetic fibres. Try it out for yourself and feel as if you have worn it for many years.