Weaving fabrics

Visit to Kunishima co ltd, a company that weaves fabrics, mainly wool, from our original materials.
This company, established over 100 years ago, has a factory in Ichinomiya, Aichi .
The company is a weaving machine that handles everything from sizing to warp shaping and weaving.

Warp threads of checked pattern on the loom.
Each warp thread is hand-loomed one by one.

Loom weaving fabric and tissue chart for confirmation by the craftsman.

The pieces that come out of the fabric when it is woven
The yarn is sorted by material and re-spun to make new yarn.
It is a small thing, but the accumulation of these materials is a cycle that results in a new material.
I am always impressed by the efforts of them to address environmental issues without wasting raw materials.

Corona has made it impossible to accept trainees from abroad.
Facing the problem of successors is a major challenge for current mills.
The price of raw materials has increased and the price of oil is high, making it difficult to maintain the price of materials.
Instead of consuming a lot of cheap goods, we should have a long-lasting relationship with clothes made from fabrics that are carefully woven one by one.
We ask ourselves if this is the true sustainable and affluent way of life.